aren's senior photos

Somehow this is my baby brother in his senior photos.  It's such a surreal experience to grow up with someone, honestly. I'm so so grateful I could be the one to take his photos, I'm so proud of him.

hadley's 2nd birthday

I've gotten to shoot the sweet Selvidges since Hadley was a baby and I feel so lucky to have been able to watch her grow. It's hard to believe she's two already, I feel like her first birthday was just a couple months ago.  My favorite thing about shooting birthdays for families is you get to capture multiple generations. I love love giving people photos with grandmas and grandpas with their babies. 

cook family lifestyle session

When Jacie reached out to me and said she had an idea and it would involve taking a boat to a secluded part of Eufala Lake that she's passed many times, I was so down! The boat ride was lovely, the beach scene was perfect and we had it all to ourselves.  I loved getting to shoot somewhere so different to me. And I was pretty jealous of the kiddos hopping into the lake afterwards!

christensen family lifestyle session

I love capturing the dynamics of families and watching siblings interact, it reminds me so much of growing up in my big family. There is so much minutiae to catch, like big sister kissing little sister's hand and the way parents look at each other.  I hope you see these small details of connection in my work. It's what I'm after! 

norah's newborn home session

a soft, quiet and bright snowy day. a new little family at home. dowsed in tenderness and new. 

these sessions and these moments that evolve so quickly. this is why. something holy and quiet happens. maybe you can see it.