ball family lifestyle session

The Ball Family is gracing this page with their giggles and delight today. The way they enjoy this baby is a dreamy sight and capturing this for them was joy to me. And don't miss the lifestyle film at the end of the post! 

payne family home lifestyle session

The sweet Payne's let me into their home and proceeded with a normal afternoon. So much loveliness and joy in it. From reading books to baby sister getting a sink bath, their family film is one of my favorites. Watch it below! 

baby lia's newborn home session

The sweet Shipley's are so good at simply being themselves in front of my camera. I have loved the honor of documenting their growth as a family- since big brother was a tiny newborn. Now they're a party of four and that much more complete. 

baby vale's 3 month home session

creating family stories is what feeds my heart, what makes me want to work harder. I draw so much joy out of working with loved ones and catching their subtle interactions. And even more joy out of capturing my favorite family as they have grown. 

the Fowler's are our dearest friends and neighbors. I had the privilege to capture Goldie's first year of life in video and now we're on to baby brother's first year. time is flying by and I know how sweet and special his whole film will be next summer.  I sent them their video last week and Taylor told me that Goldie cried when she saw it. (total heart melt) if it can move a two year old then I hope it can move a few of the grownups out there! that emotion is what drives me to do this. 

enjoy Vale's three month lifestyle session- don't miss the sweet film at the bottom!

kate & peter

everything about their home is so magical and intentional. from the greenhouse Peter built for Kate out of old windows to the precious little leaves and insects in vials and bell jars all through their home. Kate & Peter's home was what my dreams are made of, inspiring and welcoming and warm and fascinating. not to mention the bond these two have. their strength and playful lovingness was so so fun to witness and capture. I feel I'm bettered by having gotten to know them.

they were our hosts and amazing tour guides during our trip to Portland this spring. the night we got in town, we all stayed up having some pretty serious life story talks until 2am. and we woke up feeling like we had all been friends for years. we have never been so sad to end a trip and leave some amazing friends 30 hours away. hopefully next year we will visit again. 

dalys at home

Their sweet girl, Harriet, turned two a couple of weeks ago and I had the privilege of being there for her birthday morning. They went about their normal activities and it was just perfect. From cooking breakfast with her dad, to watering plants with her momma, I think Harriet had a great start to her second year. Full of so much love and appreciation of her sweet self. 

Ashley talks about our session-

"I really like that we're not doing anything big or grand. I like that we are just putting her clothes on her and you get to see her little arms shoot up into her sleeves. Or that she's making breakfast with her daddy like she does everyday. Or sitting in my lap looking at flowers that we grew. Those are the memories that we want to remember, and will remember. That's what we're going to look back on and to actually have video and photo of that is really special." 
 "Molly is such a kind person and so good at what she does that you don't even really notice she's there, it just makes you slightly more aware of the moment. Which is a really cool part of it- is that we're doing our normal things but it feels just extra special. It reminds you that the little things that you do each day matter." 

This family film is one of the most tender, true films I've had the pleasure of making yet. At one point, I caught Ashley telling Harriet how much she loved her and I can imagine how Harriet will feel watching this in 10 years. I have been there with some films from my childhood, and it is one of the safest, warmest feelings being able to see and hear how sweet life was with your parents. It's so fun to see them young and chasing you around and tickling you. I can't wait to have more of these heirlooms out in the world, bringing sweetness and memories to life. 

mcdonald family home session

real and true. how they would have spent that Saturday afternoon with their delightful baby girl, regardless of my presence. Moira made us all giggle and is so full of light. 

selvidge family home session

what do you really do with your family? 

that thing will always always be interesting to me to capture. and it will stand the test of time because it is real. authentic. you and yours interacting how you actually do.

I have photographed Katie, Nate and Hadley quite a few times and they're always some of my favorite sessions. The ease with which they move in front of my camera makes my job easier and makes the work I make sing. I love the simplicity and playfulness in this set. 

cheek family home session

the most gorgeous family in the simple context of their home. tender cuddles and quiet moments. my heart sings when a session is this raw and this true. so grateful to the cheeks for letting me in and being so openly loving. it shows. 

shae & sam home session

Shae & Sam are the sweetest souls. We got to visit them in Albuquerque earlier this year and hang out at my favorite brunch place (maybe ever). They are so quick to offer a smile or support and the belly laughs we all shared made that trip perfect. The contentment they radiate to each other made this session just so perfect. These look how home feels to me. 

zha zha: natural session

Sometimes a beautiful session with an interesting model is just good for your work. It's good to play and practice. I love the almost monotone feeling in these photos. Zha Zha is such a lovely model, I love her expressive eyes.

iceland trip

We went to Iceland in October of 2015. Lots of these photos haven't seen the light of day yet. And WOW do they deserve to be seen. Iceland was the most magical place I have ever been and I hope you can feel some of that magic while looking through these! 

daadaoui family

Nicole (of Shop Bisby) and Mohamed welcomed me so warmly into their home and Nicole said "Hi!" while immediately handing over sweet Malik. I was thinking yes, this is my dream client- someone that trusts me to hold their baby before I photograph them, someone that knows how badly I want to hold cute babies before I get to work. I like to get to know my models. ;)
Their beautiful home was the best backdrop, with their moroccan inspired style and incredible textures. Their love as a little family unit was so breathtaking and just fun to watch. Malik, of course, stole the show. I mean, come on. His hair and big dark eyes, and that gummy smile oh my goodness. 

Family story sessions include photos and videos, so I get to capture those sweet giggles real time. Don't miss the Daadaoui's family film below!

august newborn home session

This simple, natural home session to celebrate the newness of August is so so cozy. I love the textures and the sweet expressions we captured. This type of session is so easy on baby because we went at his pace, took a snack break in the middle and really kept him comfortable. 

bryn & kolby

I reached out to Bryn & Kolby because I knew from seeing them around town how in love they were. So I knew they would be easy to shoot! And I needed a pretty session to get me through the winter slump. This did the trick for sure. We shot in the Kendall Whittier district and kept it super casual. I love this set because of all of the giggling and their unique personalities!

natalie maternity session

Natalie has been through so much this year and her sweet strength through it all is awe-inspiring. If you would like to read her story here's a link to her blog.  

It was so freezing during this session and she was such a trooper about it, I can't believe she doesn't even look cold in any of these! The goal was natural photos showing off her last trimester with little Holden. I love how important capturing this season is. Soon I will be posting photos of his sweet face and I can't wait. 

prairie letter shop brand film

Brand films are something I'm passionate about. It's like telling a love story between a person and their craft. They are the kind of story I'm inspired to tell. I love to get to the 'why' behind someone's work and show that facet back to them and to their clients. I think there is so much value in putting your heart out there and I love creating artistic visuals as a way to do that.

"Especially when you have an online business, visuals are the primary method for building trust with your clients. Social media and blog images are helpful, but the online world has become so saturated with photos that video is a necessary way to set your brand apart. When your audience can not only see your craft in action but also hear your voice, they begin to feel like they know you. Words can only convey so much. The attention span of the average consumer is short. Video helps grab the attention of those you want to get to know and gives you the floor. It's an extremely powerful tool for sharing the heart and mission of your business--one that simply cannot be matched by other media." -Alex Estes, Prairie Letter Shop

Here's a glimpse into the heart of Alex's hand lettering business. You already know lots of this if you have ever worked with her. Her sweet nature and amazing talent shines through and makes everyone who works with her feel SO lucky to be working with her.

kayla & quin

These two just melt me. They are so happy together and there's just something so tender about this set of photos for me. They let me come in and shoot them doing lots of 'boring' things one morning early this year. They were actually my first session of 2017! What a great way to set the tone of my work this year- humble and joyful and tender. 

lamb family

"We contacted Molly in an effort to capture the innocence and the simplicity and the joy of being 3 years old and 6 years old. We didn't want to chance forgetting the everyday moments that make life with our boys so special. Her work magically transformed the ordinary into extraordinary. We are so thankful she shared her talents with us!" -Kendall Lamb

These sweet boys were SO fun. They gave so much life to this session, you can see their personalities and their joy just beaming out of them. 
And I love that their parents wanted to get just a genuine glimpse at their days. It allows me to do what I truly love. And capture cute concentration faces and reaction-to-icing faces. 

somehow cleansed by the ashes

December 9th, 2016 we came home to a bunch of flashing lights and firemen in our house. An electrical fire had taken most everything we owned from us while we were out with friends. Shock is a funny thing, everything that night is a blur but certain things stand out. My husband burying his beloved pet. The way the heap of rubble (our charred belongings and art and keepsakes) in our backyard steamed. A fireman telling us "Happiness isn't in the things. It's in the love you guys have. BOOM." and making us giggle. Lots of hugs. Realizing that I lost everything I had ever created in one fell unexpected swoop. How cold it was. Saying "I am so glad you're okay" to each other a hundred, maybe a thousand, times. Shock at finding my camera bag and it was okay, like WHAT. The way our people truly showed up for us. That stomach-drop feeling over the next few weeks as we realized forgotten things that we lost. This process has been heartbreaking and heart warming all at once. Which is overwhelming at best. And oh, so humbling. 

I learned what matters to me so fast. My husband. A few books, our artwork, our blankets and things that were handmade for us. My letters and our travel photos. Now I know, like truly know, what matters to me. What to hold on to. What a crazy way to learn about letting go of things.

In that weekend alone, in two days, we were shown more support and love than I think either of us can comprehend (STILL). Our GoFundMe reached fulfillment and then DOUBLED and I am still more in shock about that than I am about the house fire. People we have never met just donating their money to us. Friends and strangers gifting us artwork to restart our collection. Sweet unfamiliar faces with bags of clothing. The way that people had our backs and really felt our pain is something I will be processing and learning how to pay forward for years. And lots of them were strangers- the most gracious, kind strangers. I feel so inspired to be the type of people we have been shown. I want to be a gracious stranger.

I do know this- my house was one way that I took care of people. I wanted them to come in and feel loved and warm and taken care of.  And I know that all of these people giving us all of these things and support is just to replenish us. To replenish our taking-care-of abilities. I cannot wait to love on everyone who steps through our new door. And everyone I hear of that needs support.

I'm not posting this to make you feel bad for us, or to gather any more "I'm sorry"s. I'm posting this because I have to acknowledge it to move on from it. I am ready to post the new work I am making for 2017 and I felt weird doing that without acknowledging this absolutely life-changing and work-changing thing. I am so ready to move forward. This has been the most twisted, heartbreaking, insightful, beautiful gift.

"The best is yet to come." Out of all of my hundreds of greeting cards, this is the one that shows its face in the rubble. I choose to believe it.