dalys at home

Their sweet girl, Harriet, turned two a couple of weeks ago and I had the privilege of being there for her birthday morning. They went about their normal activities and it was just perfect. From cooking breakfast with her dad, to watering plants with her momma, I think Harriet had a great start to her second year. Full of so much love and appreciation of her sweet self. 

Ashley talks about our session-

"I really like that we're not doing anything big or grand. I like that we are just putting her clothes on her and you get to see her little arms shoot up into her sleeves. Or that she's making breakfast with her daddy like she does everyday. Or sitting in my lap looking at flowers that we grew. Those are the memories that we want to remember, and will remember. That's what we're going to look back on and to actually have video and photo of that is really special." 
 "Molly is such a kind person and so good at what she does that you don't even really notice she's there, it just makes you slightly more aware of the moment. Which is a really cool part of it- is that we're doing our normal things but it feels just extra special. It reminds you that the little things that you do each day matter." 

This family film is one of the most tender, true films I've had the pleasure of making yet. At one point, I caught Ashley telling Harriet how much she loved her and I can imagine how Harriet will feel watching this in 10 years. I have been there with some films from my childhood, and it is one of the safest, warmest feelings being able to see and hear how sweet life was with your parents. It's so fun to see them young and chasing you around and tickling you. I can't wait to have more of these heirlooms out in the world, bringing sweetness and memories to life.