Molly Thrasher

makenzi & matt anniversary home session

"I would not wish any companion in the world but you." -Shakespeare

This shoot is a super fun example of how a session can evolve and tell a simple story. Starting in-home and cooking together, then going outside for a walk around the park. I love keeping things moving in this way. 

Matt & Makenzi have me take anniversary photos every year and I think it's the sweetest thing. I adore documenting their growth and their love. And I love the building relationship that it creates when I get to see them every year.  Return clients make this photographer's heart so so grateful. 

shae & sam home session

Shae & Sam are the sweetest souls. We got to visit them in Albuquerque earlier this year and hang out at my favorite brunch place (maybe ever). They are so quick to offer a smile or support and the belly laughs we all shared made that trip perfect. The contentment they radiate to each other made this session just so perfect. These look how home feels to me. 

ty 6 months

The Shipley's are always fun to photograph! They have so much fun with their son and it conveys in photographs beautifully. I love it when they can't take their eyes off of each other and their baby! So much good work is made with clients like that. 
And prepare for the. cutest. thing. Terrie told me that Ty loves bubble baths so of course we had to work that into their session! I will say it over and over again, I LOVE photographing real life things.  Enjoy this sweetness. 

eleanor is one

One of my favorite everyday things to shoot is snacking. Toddlers eating is so so silly and cute. And I promise you will enjoy looking back on it when they eat like normal humans. ;)

I've been photographing E since before she was born! One of the best things about my job is watching littles grow. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of so many magical first years of life. The change and personality that happens in a short year leaves me in awe. What a lovely job I have. 

palmer family

"Molly's kind, easy presence made us feel comfortable, allowing her to capture a very ordinary Saturday morning for our family. I love that we have beautiful documentation of Caroline's extreme love of puffy tacos." -Ashley Palmer

The Palmer's little family tradition is to go to the farmer's market every Saturday to have tacos and dance to local music. And WOW wait until you see how much Caroline likes those tacos. I love how the Palmer's answered my question "what do you do as a family?" with such a fun tradition. I truly think it makes all the difference.
I absolutely loved capturing the Palmers in their natural routine. It's so authentic and makes these photos just that much more valueable.

Plus, Caroline is just a little doll baby in the most literal definition of that phrase. Just look at the sweetness that shines through. 

tenleigh turns one

I have had the pleasure of having Tenleigh's parents and their families as clients for years. But I hadn't met Miss Tenleigh until this session and WOW. She is a light. The sillest, giggliest, sweetest little thing. I love this age when babies are curious about everything and have a budding little sense of humor. This session was so fun and honestly, Tenleigh just made me job easy.

Plus I can totally relate to her estastic reaction to cake. 


Sweet August turned two this fall. We documented his fun personality at his grandparent's farm. I love this session because of his wonder and the playfulness of every photo. (his amazing outfit helps too) Allowing little ones to wander and explore will always make for a better session and happier kiddo. Plus we get more expressions and backgrounds then we could have ever achieved with our grown up ideas. ;)

ashley + kevin

This intimate wedding cradled in the Rockies was a dream. A mountain wedding has been on my bucket list for a few years, so when Ashley inquired I was giddy. Through the whole planning process it just got more and more perfect. From the carriage ride to their priorities being scenic couple portraits, we were a perfect fit. Ashley and Kevin and their families were so gracious and welcoming. We really felt like we were part of this day in such a beautiful way. My husband, Tyler, second shot for me so about half of these shots are his! He really got into it due to the gorgeous scenery. So many good things from this wedding!