molly thrasher

prairie letter shop brand film

Brand films are something I'm passionate about. It's like telling a love story between a person and their craft. They are the kind of story I'm inspired to tell. I love to get to the 'why' behind someone's work and show that facet back to them and to their clients. I think there is so much value in putting your heart out there and I love creating artistic visuals as a way to do that.

"Especially when you have an online business, visuals are the primary method for building trust with your clients. Social media and blog images are helpful, but the online world has become so saturated with photos that video is a necessary way to set your brand apart. When your audience can not only see your craft in action but also hear your voice, they begin to feel like they know you. Words can only convey so much. The attention span of the average consumer is short. Video helps grab the attention of those you want to get to know and gives you the floor. It's an extremely powerful tool for sharing the heart and mission of your business--one that simply cannot be matched by other media." -Alex Estes, Prairie Letter Shop

Here's a glimpse into the heart of Alex's hand lettering business. You already know lots of this if you have ever worked with her. Her sweet nature and amazing talent shines through and makes everyone who works with her feel SO lucky to be working with her.

mica & myla

"We are made up of tiny little pieces and we have to take care of all of them." -Myla

There's something a bit magical about Mica & Myla. They have garnered plenty of attention for their work so I will let that speak for itself (See it here!), but their connection and the way they work together is so moving. I feel so honored to have been able to capture a small slice of the sweetness of their ongoing collaboration. Myla's imagination is so so incredible and Mica's way of nurturing that is amazing. If you flip through their sketchbook with them, they have so many stories and silly backgrounds. SO whimsical.  

Take a moment out of your day to browse around their Instagram if you really want to be inspired. I have browsed through the #stuffmylasays many many times and it just always leaves me in awe.