what to expect when shooting with me

My work is genuine and natural. Therefore, imperfect and real. There’s beauty there, I promise and I can prove it. But if you’re wanting perfectly posed images, I’m not your girl. My goal is to let real happen, and my work includes and even celebrates imperfections. Documenting the everyday is my passion. 

I will encourage you to play, to engage and to love on your people. Anything to make you forget me and relax into a normal interaction. You can expect an organic flow to your session. I will guide you through natural poses, and to do real things. Just tiny prompts that leave lots of space for real emotions to happen. 

I love genuine smiles and belly laughs. I am a goofy person and am one of the dorks who find puns funny. I’ll save you some jokes for our session.

I am driven by real moments. The most beautiful interactions are subtle and fleeting, my goal is the catch just a few. 

I adore stories, let’s tell yours. A story can just be a simple routine or tradition- like game night, bedtime routines, or Saturday mornings. Or a story can be deeper- like how you met your person, or why you do what you do.

what is meaningful to you? where is meaningful to you? let’s shoot those things! they matter.

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a little ongoing list of activities I'd love to shoot-

  • gardening together
  • picking apples/peaches
  • baking together
  • swimming
  • family day at the lake (if boats are involved even better)
  • hiking
  • fishing
  • cooking together
  • camping or bonfire (s'mores!)
  • cuddle session in bed
  • building a snowman
  • berry picking
  • ice cream date

There is no such thing as boring. Any activity can be lovely to shoot and having something to do during your session will make everyone feel more at ease. Giving thought to the story of your session will make it sing. Think about what you do as a family, or what makes everyone's eyes light up. This way of shooting is more collaborative than me telling you where to meet me and just going through some poses. It can be personal. If nothing comes to mind, think about shooting at home.

why an in-home session?

A session in and around your home gives you a genuine slice of life now. You in your space. Laid back and authentic. It's also a great way to have original photos because nobody's home is the same. A personalized space inspires original poses and makes every session unique. Your photos will be more you.

 A home is always evolving, just like a family. So a session in your home is a fun thing to look back on in a few years to watch how your space grew with you. Plus, a different personalized location every time keeps my creativity going too! Which is a win-win for you and I. ;)