Family Stories

Do you remember home videos? Dad in your face with a camcorder asking you about your day? Or casually filming you from the back porch while you played in the sandbox?
One of my favorite things to do is to watch my family’s old home videos. It’s so fascinating to see how we moved and interacted.
My dad always set the camera up and proceeded to have a normal dinner with us, just completely candid with lots of kid chatter. My favorite parts of watching these is hearing how my dad spoke to us then, hearing our little sweet voices, and seeing each of my siblings show personality traits applicable today.
This real glimpse into life in my childhood is part of what has inspired family stories.

“Regular” life is where all the good stuff is at, I promise. There’s no such thing as “boring” in my book. All of these seemingly mundane things have been so touching to shoot- bedtime stories, gardening, cooking, brushing teeth, bath time, game night, picnics, park days.

The heart behind it is this- What do you do as a family? What is the dynamic? What are your traditions? What is your truth?
Let’s make something together that is true and genuine. A keepsake to really treasure.