Brand films


Brand films are something I'm passionate about. It's like telling a love story between a person and their craft. Telling the story of the "why" behind what you do is the goal with maker films. What's the heart of your passion or work or hobby? I think there is so much value in putting your heart out there and I love creating artistic visuals as a way to do that.

Explaining the why and sharing a bit about who you are is so valuable as a maker or brand or entrepreneur.




"Especially when you have an online business, visuals are the primary method for building trust with your clients. When your audience can not only see your craft in action but also hear your voice, they begin to feel like they know you. Video helps grab the attention of those you want to get to know and gives you the floor. It's an extremely powerful tool for sharing the heart and mission of your business--one that simply cannot be matched by other media." -Alex Estes of Prairie Letter Shop