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video by valerie grant

photo by  anna schroeder

I’m Molly. I am looking to capture the captivating joy in the ordinary.

I’m your girl for natural light lifestyle photos and films. You can expect a laid back and organic flow when working with me. My goal will always be to create something genuine and personal to you. Real life is my goal, not perfect or posed life. Exchanges and interactions, love and kindness and patience, these are what we will remember. Life is not perfect. Why should we try to make it look that way? Isn’t there more beauty in the reality of it all? I find more beauty there. I hope you can see it too.  We will create some honest and beautiful things together!

photos by  abby rose  and taylor fowler

photos by abby rose and taylor fowler

I love traveling with my husband, slow Sundays, and sunshine. I married my high school love in an art gallery in the summer of 2016 and we both work from home in cozy little Tulsa, OK. We are both huge plant people and spend a weird amount of our time just looking at plants. I have been shooting photos for almost ten years now and I cannot imagine my life without a camera in my hand.

If you're a potential client or simply curious- here is my Client Handbook including a style guide.

I adore people and their stories. Let me tell yours.

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