style guide

Wardrobe is a major component to how fast you will grow out of your photos. The biggest factor of that is timelessness. How can we make this timeless?

Honestly, timeless is a word I have avoided in fear of being cheesy. But let me define timeless-
Something that is simple enough that it lasts. Something with more humanity in it than anything else. Emotion and light. A true glimpse at a person.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Da Vinci
If you wear simple tones, you are more likely to be the sole subject of an image. My work is all about interactions. Loud patterns or clothing completely detract from that. I want your images to represent you and your loved ones truly and simply. So by dressing you and your people in solids or pleasant (simple) patterns, you’re allowing me to do my job in a better way.


A few things to consider:

Neutral colors will always win.

Patterns are okay as long as the have 2-3 colors in them. 

Stripes, dots, & florals are lovely.

Matchy matchy is overrated and dated. You can each wear a different color.

Just try to jeep good complimentary colors in mind.


Stay away from conflicting patterns or over doing pattern. One person in a pattern is enough for a couples session. 2-3 people in patterns is fine for a family session.

Also stay away from primary colors, neons, or any bright colors that could reflect onto your skin. (i.e. a bright red shirt will make your face red.)

Jewel tones and muted colors are my favorite to work with. And texture will always look good- sweaters and linen.

Keep in mind these are all guidelines. My bottom line is that I want you to feel like yourself and comfortable. I can make most anything work- bright colors can really pop if they aren’t clashing, loud patterns can be a solid statement if they work together. There is always the exception to the rule. I just want you to have access to my thoughts and style when it comes to choosing outfits for your session. These are just a few tips if you’re looking for them!

The keywords to take away with you are simple, neutral, comfortable. And don’t overthink it. Casual is best, simple is best. We’re going to do great things!