matt & makenzi anniversary session

I filmed Makenzi & Matt's wedding two years ago, and since that October, I have gotten to see them each October since. I think sessions with return clients are my favorite type of session ever because they just get more comfortable with me each time. Therefore, that much better at ignoring me and truly being themselves together. I love being ignored at a session. I love people falling into their own pattern and being truly into their people. This genuine connection makes me love my work (and my clients) more. And makes me prouder to send the session out because it's like "look how beautiful you are when you're aren't paying attention", "look how much you love each other!" Matt & Makenzi make my creativity soar and my heart happy each October I get to see them. Their peaceful joy is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

"How beautiful to find a heart that loves you, without asking for anything, but to be okay." -Khalil Gibran