I realize it's cliche to talk about gratitude on thanksgiving. I am a firm beliver that you should work on making your heart and soul thankful every day, month, and season. It's not just something that should be acknowledged or practiced because there's a holiday telling you to. It's foundational to a joyful, wholesome life.  But since it is Thanksgiving, I felt what better time than to express how throughly grateful I am to everything and everyone. 

"Gratitude is a magnetic energy that draws people to us." -Anne Lamott

I think gratitude is a practice. You have to train your human tendencies, it takes a lot of grace. I'm not saying I'm amazing at it, but I do know the importance of it. Being grateful is an anecdote to anxiety, self importance, emotional imbalance, and so many other things. Of course I am only speaking from my own experience. This is just my practice. I'm publicly sharing how important you are to me if you're here. 

To my clients, the biggest thank you. Your investment into my passion and purpose is so so incredible to me. I am throughly, deeply, passionately grateful for each and every one of you. 

To my peers, THANK YOU. The guidance, understanding and encouragement I have received from you all is immeasurably soul-warming. I have this warm nest of creatives that will lift me up while also being honest with me. What else do you need?!

To the mysterious magic that are Inspiration and Creativity, thank you. (And thank you to Elizabeth Gilbert for giving us a way to talk about this magic.)

To my family, thank you. For believing in me and supporting me always, in all ways.