baby vale's 3 month home session

creating family stories is what feeds my heart, what makes me want to work harder. I draw so much joy out of working with loved ones and catching their subtle interactions. And even more joy out of capturing my favorite family as they have grown. 

the Fowler's are our dearest friends and neighbors. I had the privilege to capture Goldie's first year of life in video and now we're on to baby brother's first year. time is flying by and I know how sweet and special his whole film will be next summer.  I sent them their video last week and Taylor told me that Goldie cried when she saw it. (total heart melt) if it can move a two year old then I hope it can move a few of the grownups out there! that emotion is what drives me to do this. 

enjoy Vale's three month lifestyle session- don't miss the sweet film at the bottom!