harvey family

Mandy, Mark, Amelia & Owen. These four made my whole month.
This session is in my top favorites and has painted a perfect picture of what I want my work to feel and look like. I love love love the playfulness, the comfort and the imperfections. The genuine human interaction. This we carry with us through all of our days, I am sure of it. This love and warmth, this belonging. Be still, my heart.

I walked into their home and they were gracious and warm and then went right back to their business. This was a DREAM for me because real life is my goal. Not perfect life, not posed life- the feeding your kid breakfast and putting the baby to sleep life. This is what we will remember; exchanges and interactions, love and kindness and patience. Parenthood and childhood aren’t perfect. Why should we try to make it look that way? Isn’t there more beauty in the reality of it all? I find more beauty there. I hope you can see it too.